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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

instead of crying the blues and going on and on and on and on as to why i've been seriously MIA over the last months...i've decided to just jump right into things. because why not? afterall, i really like wednesdays. it's april 3rd. and despite the bitterly cold temps currently outside my bedroom window, {31 degrees-WTF, mama nature!} i do believe warm weather is in the future and the sun beating on pale skin, sand between my toes, sandals and cute bathing suits are just weeks away. {RIGHTTTT?}


-what i've been following:

The Off-Limits List
  • No candy, baked goods, or ice cream. Ideally, no sugar!
  • No soda or flavored drinks.
  • No white bread or rice.
  • No eating 2-3 hours before bed.
i cheat occasionaly. because i like candy. i have to have a snack before bed. and sometimes i REALLY need iced tea. but let's not get technical. kay?

what i've been reading:

a friend gave this to me to read. so far, so good.

i got this book for christmas and have been really into it. what's not to love about a crazy sexy diet??

what site i've been obsessing over: the international drug mart.

i can't really explain. this site has EVERYTHING. and i mean everything. i'm not much of doctor kind of it's nice to have drugs at the tip of my fingertips. i've been browsing all the different meds they have to offer. it's WILD. the best part? i NEVER, EVER, EVER take it's a wonder as to why i'm obsessing. i guess i just like to know it's there if needed.

what i've been doing every day:

i've never been one to turn away an old fashioned journal with a modern twist. 

what app i've been digging: vine. i apologize in advance.

what i've been eating:

oh em geeee, this stuff is good. however...i can't tell a lie. i've barely met a chobani product that i haven't fallen in love with and wanted to marry.

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