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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i wish i could completely blame my lack and v.v.v.v.very sporadic posting on being uber busy with kara's wedding and what not. but truth is, the wedding was two saturdays ago. {AH! i can't believe they've already been married almost two weeks. that shit be cray}

kara and i had a hectic drive being stuck in traffic. luckily, we made it safely to the hotel, checked in, peed and headed out to get our nails done. but first we ate some quick grub. we met up with two other bridesmaids, had a successful mission and then went back to the hotel to get ready for the church.

the church was seriously hot as hell. we were all sweating. the priest assured us the AC would be on full force the next day. however, it most definitely WAS NOT! liar, liar pants on fire!

afterwards, we all stood on the sidewalks trying to flag taxi's down. it was a rough battle, but thankfully, we all eventually made it to the restaurant. we all met at smokin' betty's for some yummy food. the menu kara and john chose was incredible.

the first course was awesome. i tried one or two or three of everything. the waiters were just walking around handing the stuff out. those fried green tomatoes? um...YES! 

 i went with the cheddar burger for my main course. 
it was so tasty. but i was SOOO stuffed from all the apps i ate earlier i was only able to eat half.
and while my stomach thanked me, my heart was totally bummed.

the bridal party + friends went out for some bevs after dinner. it was a good time, but since the girls had a bright and early morning approaching fast, we headed home to get some shut eye earlier than the rest.

me and another bridesmaid shared the bridal suite with kar. i thought she'd be a bottle of nerves and tossing and turning all night, but she seemed to sleep peacefully. or perhaps i just slept really peaceful?

wedding day:
we were up by 6:30 the next morning since hair was arriving at 7am. yowza! makeup showed around 7:30 and everything went very smoothly! 

before we knew it, all the girls were finished, the photographer and videographer were there and things were really rolling. after lots of pictures, it was time to head downstairs to the hummer limo. it was my first time ever being in one, and i definitely didn't hate it.

it was an AMAZINGLY beautiful day for a wedding-and kara looked simply STUNNING. i got emotional during the ceremony and kept trying to choke back tears. kara claims her "emotional tears" was really just sweat! hahaha. i tell you, IT.WAS.HOT!

the rest of the night is kind of a blur. it went way too fast, and i continuously tried to soak up every moment.

before i knew it, kara and john were having their first dance, dancing with their parents and then it was SPEECH TIME!

naturally, i wept a bit. i wanted to be solid as a rock. but as soon as i saw kara crying, who told me she would not in fact cry, i lost it.

we all spent the night dancing and boozing and dancing some more. i was pretty bitter the band didn't know how to play any whitney houston. like WTF. they don't know any international supastar songs?? i told the lead singer i'd sing, "i wanna dance with somebody." she told me i couldn't. at least i tried.



ohhh. and we did a whole lot of eating. because the food at cescaphe was kind of incredible. and by kind of, i mean unbelievably incredible. x10! 

congrats to two of my most very favorite people. love you both!

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