tv runs my life.

Monday, October 17, 2011

i, shamefully, have been known to cancel plans, forget to do something, not eat, not go to the bathroom and miss class......for tv.

i don't know what comes over me. and i don't know how i survive the summer. all i have to is thank goodness for beach vacations, lounging in my pool, big brother and the bachelor pad.

during the summer, most of my tv concentration goes into concentration on maintaining a very healthy, a very golden and a very dark tan. #truestory

my lineup during the week is as follows:

monday. . .
-dancing with the stars
-gossip girl
-hart of dixie
-2 broke girls

tuesday. . .
-dancing with the stars
-last man standing
-man up! {airs tomorrow night}

wednesday. . .
-up all night
america's next top model
-the middle
-modern family
-criminal minds

thursday. . .
-grey's anatomy

friday. . .

that doesn't include prime suspect and person of interest. two shows i have yet to watch but will definitely be catching up with online! that's a sick obsession right there. i had to eliminate my sunday night shows. and talk about major confusion when the phillies were playing every night of the week. and now hockey season has started, it's realllly tough to keep up. but somehow, i manage. not to mention, i'd love to add the big bang theory and how i met your mother to that list. but i think those two will have to stick primarily to viewing via hulu.

and while i don't want to make excuses for myself, that's exactly what i'm doing. because the above reasons are why i sometimes lack in blogging. because let's be serious. real life always trumps blogging. always. even if that real life is really fake tv life. you get what i'm saying. dontcha?

but speaking of REAL life that doesn't involve tv. . . .

i've been eating one too many pumpkin whoopie pies
drinking three too many cups of pumpkin spice coffee

'tis the season!

bags of natural cheese curls don't stand a chance around me.
i go through bags of them like they are going out of style.

over the weekend we had a little stout family bonfire since my sister was home for fall break.
we made s'mores.
sang happy birthday to my brother and dad.
ate yummy hoagies for dinner.
and were chased by a laney goblin!

i hope you all had a magnificent monday!
i know i sure did because it was spent with this sweet teeny tiny serious {but so cute} nugget.

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