Friday, July 30, 2010

{that was my snooki impersonation-just because i felt like it}

this morning was beautiful! beautiful as in cool. i left my house this morning at 6:22 and it wasn't ridiculously hot and humid. it's been seriously scorching around these neck of the woods and i was pleasantly happy with the refreshing temperature. hot weather is only okay in my book if i'm lounging by some sort of water. preferably my pool or the ocean. other then that, no thank you! bring on the fall is what i have to say.

granted, i do love the change in seasons. it's what i grew up with and it would be so weird if summer didn't turn to fall, fall didn't turn to winter, winter didn't turn to spring and spring didn't turn to summer. what's your favorite season? do you live in a place that changes?

this morning i started my day off with a big cup of unpictured coffee and oatmeal squares. i like my squares dry. i'm a big dry cereal kind of gal. milk ruins it for me.

today was longggg. i felt like it was 9:30 for two hours. don't you just hate that? especially on a friday? luckily i work with wonderful ladies {more of them are at least} who help make the dragging time enjoyable.

lunch consisted of two pieces of peace of pizza. {thanks marge for a yummy food day!} peace of pizza is known for their snazzy specialty pizzas. i was starving by the time noon came around and couldn't wait to dive right in. since it was so gorgeous out, three of us decided to take our eats outside for some fine dining.

basil and fresh mozzarella/mediterranean salad pizza-boy did i scarf these suckers down!

thankfully the day flew by once lunch was over. before i knew it was i walking out the door. i embraced the weekend with opened arms as i walked out! sadly though, mr. sun thought he should say hello and warm the place up. the temperature had risen significantly from lunchtime to 3:30.

i had a fun package waiting on the kitchen table for me.

i filled out a survey online and they sent me this new lean pocket product to give a whirl. i'm excited. honey mustard chicken sounds kind of awesome.

i ate a handful of peanut butter filled pretzels while doing a little online window shopping. these things are hardcore dangerous.

i then decided my peppers were ready to be picked. they are still slightly tiny, but my dad said he didn't think they'd grown anymore. after a good scrub, i gave one a teeny tiny nibble. i'd say it tasted fabulously! growing your own plants are fun. but my pepper plant has only produced these two. a few others seem to be sprouting but it doesn't look 100% promising. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. any tips?

hope you all have a dreamy friday night.
i plan on eating dinner with my family, watching the phillies, visiting laney bug, and snuggling in bed. lame, but perfect.

do my body good.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

dear joshua jackson,
some may say milk does the body good. but i truthfully think all my body needs is you to do it good. reallllll good. thanks.
mmm, mmm, mmm

oatmeal squares and DD coffee also does my body goodbut in a completely different do the body good kind of way

peanut butter toast does my body good as well
celebrating co-workers birthday with carrot cake does my body pretty good
yummy leftover pasta with self made garlic toast might not do my body goodbut it does taste good in my body

watermelon slurpees do my body good, kind of
and even if they don't, they make me super, super happy
don't mind the no make-up, messy hair deal.

i now must go indulge {shamefully} in some jersey miami shore.
GTL, Gym, Tan, Ldry Women's Light T-Shirt

hot damn, new york!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

we have some serious catching up to do, eh?

i am sorry for being such a debbie downer on my last post. i sometimes get completely overwhelmed and over stressed over silly little life things. but enough with that. that isn't what this post is about. no, no and no. this post holds good vibes. happy vibes.

and what better way to bring the happy vibes then by looking at what i find happiness in.

happiness is found in:

happiness is found in: clif bars for breakfast

happiness is found in: sonic opening in our town, and lunch trips at said place

happiness is found in: cookies and cream and swedish fish water ice for food day

happiness is found in: snacks eaten on hawaiian shirt plates

happiness is found in: baseball game hotdogs

happiness is found in: baseball game beer

happiness is found in: philly phanatic foam hats

happiness is found in: new york city weekends

happiness is found in: trips to the beach with your best friend

happiness is found in:
the waves knocking the crap out of us, losing my sunglasses and laughing all the while

happiness is found in:
quenching drinks after a hot as hell day

happiness is found in: a sleepy ride back from the beach on some fine public transportation
{and moving our seat three times}

happiness is found in: greasy diner food that tastes oh so good

happiness is found in: homemade diner lemonade

happiness is found in: a night of karaoke with a coalition of cheetahs

happiness is found in: kara's very intense karaoke face

happiness is found in: high school friends that have a touch of home to them

happiness is found in: emily performing lady gaga's telephone dance

happiness is found in: the morning after a night of one too many saki bombs and beer


happiness is found in: more greasy diner food-french toast style

happiness is found in: sleeping the entire way home on the new jersey transit

New Jersey Transit Delays

happiness is found in: a home cooked meal after a really rough day

happiness is found in: dinner and drinks at iron hill brewery

happiness is found in:
cinnamon roll coffee

happiness is found in: this face

with love,

what do you find happiness in?