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Saturday, September 18, 2010

{that was said in my most awesome tyra voice}

i have aspired for a very long time to be a top model. sadly, i was cursed with the mere height of just 5ft...and apparently that doesn't cut it in the model world.

that's me, the tinier of the two.
and yes, he's very tall. but yes, i am also very short.

anyway, not only does the model world discriminate against height, they also discriminate against a girl who likes to eat. which i do. so if i can't be a top model, why not be the next food blog star?

here is the thing. i have definite star qualities. i always thought i'd make an excellent famous person. ya'know, traveling the world, rubbing elbows with hunks like leo and tom, clubbing with britney and paris...all the glitz and glory of a food blog star! oh wait, that's not the life of a blogging foodie? mmm, blasphemy!

truth is, i'm okay with that. because see, besides all my quirky admiration for the hollywood life-i'm just a girl who likes baking cookies with paula deen's sons.

and i'm just a girl who drinks one too many cups of coffee per day

i'm just a girl who imagines up tasty treats...

...and then watches them fail miserably

i'm just a girl who has a real passion for the delicious foods among us

i'm also just a girl on the hunt for the best darn bacon cheeseburger

i have a major love for the written word, a tasty meal, yummy beer, good friends, great conversation and lots of giggles.

peanut butter is my homeboy, breakfast sandwiches make me swoon, i bow down to seafood and i truly believe nothing goes better with a friday night than pizza.

dollar dog nights at a phillies game make me giddy, pumpkin anything puts a smile on my face and i'd marry mexican food if it were physically possible.

so there you have it. my plea as to why i should be the voice, the fingers and the face behind the next food blogging phenomenon. i'll add flavor, flair and spice.

*this post is inspired by the fierce project food blog competition being hosted by foodbuzz. there are two thousand bloggers, ten challenges and ONE winner. the grand prize is sort of huge and voting starts monday september 20th!


korinna williams said...

lmao i love your blog!! Your description is exactly me ;) I followed... will you check out mine and follow back please

Katelin said...

okay that first picture is hilarious. it's like matt's brother and basically everyone else. love it.

Christina said...

aww! love this.

alissa said...

this entry is really beautifully written! i love your energy :)

fittingbackin said...

Great post!

Favorite part: "i have a major love for the written word, a tasty meal, yummy beer, good friends, great conversation and lots of giggles." AGREED! Although PB is not my homeboy - i'm not a huge fan! Crazy to you, i'm sure! I love when Tyra says that! hehe

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