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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

{enter eminem song}

oh how i love that devilish little rapper.

anyway, seriously. hi, my name is amanda and i'm a major slacker. yup. i've said it. it's true.

it is now wednesday and i have definitely NOT attended the gym once as of this week. i'm a disgrace. i also haven't laced up for a run. who do i think i am? bathing suit is quickly approaching. cough, bridesmaid dress, cough. i don't know why i can't get myself motivated and in gear. i'm in dire need of a hard, firm kick in the butt!


i'm ecstatic that it is hump day. and that tomorrow is thursday. and the day after that is friday. i am almost positive i say that every week. sigh. i'll one day find a killer job that i no longer have these same sentiments. righttttt??

um, so yesterday, peeps. . .

my lunch was terribly boring. not overly tasty by any means, and not nearly filling enough.

peanut butter sandwich on an arnold thin
bangin' apple pie yogurt mixed with some mixmygranola.coma not ripe enough banana {this ended up on the peanut butter sandwich}tuesday nights are my long days at work. the only good thing about tuesdays are the team tuesday crew i work with. they are awesome. metacarpal love to team tuesday, babyyyy!

when i got home i was pumped to see these two beauties hanging out in my roomsilly packages crushing my vera bradley that i have yet to unpack from the weekend. ooops.

free people finally pulled through and sent me my lovelies i ordered. lovin' it. lovin' it a lot.

anddddd...the BIG box??

the AMAZING people over at holey donuts sent me THREE boxes of donuts to review. this made me feel like one of the luckies ladies alive. i honest to goodness love donuts. as in, can't get enough. i'm not a huge sweet eater, but donuts make me drooool.

i have been keeping my eye on their 100 calorie low fat cinnamon buns middles since they hit the site. so you better believe i was throwing my arms about when i saw they sent me a box. hey girl, hey. they also sent along their newest low fat sugar and spice donuts and an assortment of yummy donut goodness! i will be reviewing these as i go along eating through the boxes. nom nom nom.

after giddily {is that even a word?} opening up the delivery man's finest, i headed for the kitchen because my stomach was tossing and turning. i wanted something hot to trot. so i settled with progresso rotini soup. bumping and grinding in the pot

while i waited for this to sizzle, i munched on some {crumbs} veggie and flaxseed chips from trader joes with. . .this hummus is out of this world!

i'd be kidding if i said i didn't break into the cinnamon bun middles oh em gee. i loved this little guy like snookie loves a guido.
for reals. this bun tasted like the real thing. it had the same taste as something totally fattening and bad for you. but i ate it feeling no guilt. the best part. i stuck it in the microwave for 20 seconds, and i was in pure heaven. holey donuts are gods!

today i felt {and still do} sluggish. i like working the early shift because i like being finished work by 3. however, having to be to work at 6:30 is a real pain. and extremely draining. but i fired through and survived. and also scored pizza out of the deal.

we had a meeting, therefore, we get treated to food. i had a piece of plain and a piece of veggie. this pizza was just rockin'.
i held myself back from grabbing a third

i was lame and didn't make myself anything for dinner. i nibbled on some snackies. and i wrapped two pickles in turkey lunch meat. bon appetit! it was actually really quite deelish.

the rest of the night i will be catching up on my tv shows. one tree hill/idol/biggest loser/life unexpected/greys. sheesh. addicted, much?

what are your favorite shows to watch during the week?


Mandy said...

Hi, my name is Mandy and I also wrap turkey around pickles and call it lunch (or dinner). Next time add a half a piece of cheese, just trust me on this.

Playful Professional said...

Wow, I want to review donuts. How delicious!

samdotcom said...

Ah, Biggest Loser, Grey's and Lost. (And Survivor and The Bachelorrrrr). But with the Olympics being here I haven't had a second to sit down and watch tv, so shows are just piling up for me to watch. March is going to be a very lazy month :)

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