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Monday, July 20, 2009

sureeeee. why not!

i love it when friday rolls around because it means i have a three day weekend ahead of me. having off on mondays is a serious treat. i can into work on tuesday so refreshed. {even though i still don't feel like going in}

lets have a little weekend recap shall we?

friday: a nice relaxing night. watched the phillies, went to bed early, loved every second of it.

saturday: jen came home from eye doctor summer school. {yay} we went to this hole in the wall mexican restaurant that we've been saying we were going to go to for months.

they brought out chips and salsa to munch on while we skimmed the menu and waited for our food to arrive. i could have made a meal of of just this. sooo yummy. the salsa wasn't too spicey, so mama likied.

jen ordered the chimichungas. it was topped with guac and sour cream and it had refried beans on the side. also, loadssss of cheese.

i ordered the enchiladas suzas. it had a side of mexican rice and refried beans. i think the cheese and all the grease made me a little ill. it was very good, don't get me wrong. but it was just overkill!

breakfast this morning included an egg sammie with fat free mozz. cheese. of course i loved it.

my cousin asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding last week. i was ecstatic. i'm so excited to be a part of it. and she asked me in the cutest way. she made a little card with a dress on the front. it said, if you say yes. . . {the inside} i promise your dress won't be as hideous as the one on the front. will you be my bridesmaid? ADORABLE! of course i said yes. today, i went for my dress fitting. because even though the wedding isn't until july 2010, my cousin already ordered her dress and picked our's out. she's on top of things that one! love it. my mom and i then chased over to the library. i could get lost in books!

after our fun-filled afternoon, i had a delicious lunch. these spinach wrap thingies, grapes and two mini chicken tacos. loved every bite.

i heard about operation beautiful through caitlin's blog. and since i loved the idea, i decided to jump on board. i left a few little messages around my work are. . .


a tad bit strange. i met a guy last year at footlocker while purchasing sneakers. we hadn't talked in probably a year, but we've been having a lot of contact with each other more recently. moreso sexy texting late at night on the weekends. or random booty calls being made-but never actually happening. so last week we had made plans to once and for all get together. following through, i kept to my word and drove to his house yesterday. not entirely remembering what he looked like. ooops. but hey, i'm always up for an adventure. the plan was that i was going to be staying over. so i packed a bag but decided to just play it by ear. see how things went. well, things went decent i guess. the thing is, i ain't no hussy. even though i might come across as one in the wee hours of a friday and saturday. so i thought i better make that very clear, just so he didn't get any ideas. {even though i was pretty sure the idea was already there} he seemed okay with it, although he had a very hard time keeping his hands to himself. which of course was lovely, and don't get me wrong, i'm not some innocent sweettart, but i just wanted to hang out. yaaaa know? get to know him! i also wanted to see if we could just be together without having to jump one another's bones. apparently, not the case. which was frustrating. because i totally would have given in later in the night if he could have kept it in his pants for the afternoon. welllll. after telling him that i was trying to be a good girl, but he was making it hard for me-he gets all weird. he tells me he'd be more comfortable if i left. like seriously? so there was no making out, no sex, and no slumber party. we did have a lovely walk, i took a great nap, we watched top gun and had wonderful conversation.

as i was leaving i figured i'd give him a big wet kiss to give him a little somethin' somethin' since he got nothin' nothin' out of me. but he's acting all weird and standing back from me. so i asked him straight out whether i'd hear from him or if we'd talk about. and he pants and sighs and says zilch. so i got mad and stormed out the door. haha, because i'm a baby. i had to call him in fifteen minutes though for directions because i got slightly lost. and when i finally got back to horsham i called him to thank him for getting me home and what not. he didn't answer, so i left him a nice message. but still no word.

i don't even think i really liked him. i don't think we'd ever work. but i didn't want to write it off completely. so do i wait for him to call?? do i just give him a call?


Sophia said...

hmm sounds like he was expecting a booty call slumber party, and then when he realized that wasn't happening he got pissy. That doesn't sound like bf material to me, maybe just booty buddy or nothing at all...

sometimes i DO make a meal out of the chips and salsa! what I do is get side orders of rice and beans and guac and then mix it up with the salsa and scoop it up with chips like nachos. nice and cheap :)

LiLu said...

If it was me, I'd write him off... but I think I'm harsher than most.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a douche!

no but seriously he clearly just wanted some ass and when he knew that wasn't going to happen got mad

doesnt sound like he wants to get to know you at all

Erica said...

Don't call! He sounds kinda like a jerky. Not worth your precious time doll!

Love whole in the wall Mexican joints!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

You'd probably be happier if you had a sleep over at the mexican restaurant instead of that a**hole. Guess what lady?!! You and me, we are a lot alike! Well, me not so much any more now that I settled down but I totally could have seen myself doing that (and actually some experiences play out exactly like you wrote). Anyways, I promise all those lines you hear and roll your eyes at about the right one coming along and you will just know it are actually true. It shouldn't be that hard to get to know someone!

Time to move on!

Katelin said...

mmmmexicanfood. seriously i always get hungry when i come to your blog, haha.

and i say write him off, but then again i'm sort of impatient.

Auburn Kat said...

I hope this isn't mean...I think you should write him off. You are an amazing girl who doesn't deserve to be treated like that by a guy. You deserve the world and you deserve to be treated with respect which this guy didn't do.

Mandy said...

Write him off, he was looking for a booty call.

I love the idea of leaving notes around your work space.

Playful Professional said...

Unless you're just in the mood for some action, I would leave him alone and forget about him. It's obvious that's all he was interested in.

*Bri* said...

You absolutely don't call him. He sounds like a total jerkpile. If he can't handle waiting for your goodies, then he's not good enough for you!

He also doesn't deserve the time you've spent wondering if you should call him again.

Leave him in the dust, lady! :)

Kate said...

Guys are so annoying. Ditch him!

Just Playing Pretend said...

He sounds like a bastard to me. I'd ditch that one.

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