I'm Moving To Santaland...Or Bryant Park.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FINALLY! I have time to
blog. Oh how I hate when
life gets crazy and distracts
me from all things that I love.

But alas! Here I ammm.
In full glory and ready to
rock and roll like you wouldn't
believe. (Half exaggeration!)

My weekend was way eventful.
And when I say weekend...I am
really just referring to Saturday.
Even though Friday was a tad eventful.
My dad came home from the hospital.
He had total knee surgery done. ICK.
So not fun. And if you want proof
as to just how unfun it truly is...
just wait until you see pictures.
Speaking of pictures...I still need
to post some of my gorgeous nugget
of a niece. Which I will do. Because
believe me, I want to brag all about herrrr.

So yeah. The pops is home.
Woo. I am thrilled.
(Thanks for all your warm words!)
But he is pretty demanding...
It was a major surgery...which
means he is kind of in major
pain-and very much drugged up.
Pretty darn hectic to say the least.
Especially with a new potato spud
in the family...and Christmas approaching
oh so very fast. But yeahh...
he is getting better with each day.
Hopefully. . .

As for Saturday. Santaland.
I did it up New York style alll
day with a dear friend.
Doing alll things Christmas.
And boy was it a treat. So now I'll
let pictures tell the rest. These are all
from my friends camera.
So don't go thinking I just
took a bunch of pictures of myself.

Bryant Park is the best place...

...Besides Santaland. Which was amazinggg.

The scary elevator in Macy's.
One of the many Santas in Santaland. It was
quite a walk to get to him. He was super
awesome...up until the point when he started hitting on me.
You'd think I didn't work in
New York. You'd think I had
never been to New York.
But ya know what. I don't care
how times I have shopped in
Macy's. I don't care that my ex-boyfriend
use to work as an elf for Santaland. I
don't care that I have been to Bryant
Park a bunch of times. I don't. I don't
even care if I'm living in New York...
I'll act like a tourist if I want.



well-intentioned heartbreaker said...


scary elevator at macy's picture made me laugh out loud. muahahah.

super glad your dad is home and well :) (hectic still counts as well, right?)

P TO THE S - i have a NEW BLOG. email me at wellintentionedheartbreaker@live.com and i'll give you the link. MUAH!

Sophia said...

awwww fun! nothing wrong with doing the tourist thing now and then, especially for Santaland! And I hope your dad has a speedy recovery!

Amanda. said...

WIH...your email didn't
work. Pshhh. So if you
read this...email meeee!
stout03 at gmail dot com

And-I think you're
oh SO adorable as well!

Soph...Santaland is
the best! And I hope
my dad has a speedy
recovery as well.

Dana said...

you are sooo cute.. i love ya!! xoxoxo

I know what yo mean though.. I have been so busy lately I feel like I've been neglecting the blog..

And yes... I am very down I don't have a reral tree this year... But atleast I have one right?

laurwilk said...

I need to go to Santaland. I need to start acting more like a tourist, dangit!

Glad Dad is well!

jamie said...

What can I say, I am a convert. I hope you continue to follow me into my wordpress goodness. Don't judge too harshly--it's not blogger, it's me...I needed a change!

xxxo love ya girl!

Auburn Kat said...

I love, love, love NYC this time of the year!

Katelin said...

aw santaland just looks so fun, i love it.

brookem said...

how cute are you, for serious?!
hope your dad is doing okay!

brookem said...

how cute are you, for serious?!
hope your dad is doing okay!

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