bring it on 2009-i'm ready.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop,I love you.
*image borrowed from this lovely.

i look forward to the new year.
even if i do think the actual
holiday itself is a little bit overrated.
places are overly packed...overly
over-priced and well...whatever.
(i do love me some dick clark countdown, though)

i have never been one to make
a resolution. because um. by the
time the next day rolls around...i've
usually forgotten and am already
breaking it. does anyone ever really
stick to their new years resolution?

so instead...this is what i want (completely free of charge)
for the new year. . .

i want the world to be a musical. a
constant soundtrack in the background
for every movement made. i want to find
the perfect job, get called in for an
interview and walk away knowing
that i got the position. i want to remember
my dreams. vividly. i want to learn
to ballroom dance. i want to dance as
much as possible. i want to meet someone
who instantly makes me forget about my
ex-boyfriend. i want people to not hurt.
to not suffer. to not starve. i want to not fight.
i want to forgive. i want to take a drive
without a destination.
i want to write a book. i want it to snow
right in the middle of july. a real doozy
of a blizzard. i want to help others in whatever
way i can. i want to not make excuses.
i want to keep in better touch. i want to
get lost in the words of every book on
my bookshelf. i want things to be simple.
i want to live simply. i want to finish a
game of scrabble. i want to capture
everything with my camera. i want to walk
in the pouring rain...without an umbrella. i
want to kiss someone like it was the first
time. i want my dads knee to be back to
normal. i want to be inspired. i want to
inspire. i want to experience every
day miracles every single day.


Dana said...

I hope you have an awesome new year!!!!!

Kate said...

Great list! Happy new year

Playful Professional said...

I want you to get everyting you want :)

Sophia said...

happy new year! those are some great wants. Much better than resolutions.

Auburn Kat said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope we both have a wonderful 2009!!!

laurwilk said...

Those are all very good wishes, my love! Happy New Year! Enjoy 2009. Things will fall into place - have faith!

Jamie said...

I want a lot of these things, too. In fact, I am going to copy this down and paste it into my desktop just to be reminded of many of the things I want. I hope we can get some of them together! :) Happy New Year, lady! xxxo

notyourplainjane said...

I love this!

Happy New Year!!

sarahbelledotcom said...

Happy New Year, you little munchkin!

I knew I could count on you for a terrific New Years post. I love this. And I want you to get everything that you want.

You are stellar.

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