I'll Dance On The Streets.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am thankful for the George Foremen Grill
I snagged off the Free Table at work.

People.com narrowed down
the eleven hottest dads in
Hollywood. Yowza. With all
the baby daddy's going around...
how can you choose just eleven?
Hubba, Hubba.

I'm glad it wasn't up to me.
We all know how terrible I am
at sticking to an exact number.
Plus...there are way too many
delicious Hollywood hunks as
far as I'm concerned. But I
must admit...they did a pretty
darn good job. And I am

What do you think of the list?
Who would you add? Who would
you take off?

Husband to one of my faves...
Daddy to one of the cutest...
The Bedazzling Ben Affleck:
Of course they put Brad on the list.
Even though he's not my ideal of sexy...
he'd for sure put up a fight for his adorable ones:

With a rawkstar of a wife...
And pops to a little head of sweet blond curls...
Gavin definitely deserves this spot:

I'll never believe that his intentions were
cruel...Yummy-faced Ryan Phillippe:

He can take me to the Danger Zone any day...
With his handsome ways, I have no
doubt that he isn't a great daddy to his
beautiful tater tot:
David Beckham...nuf' said. Seriously:
He is probably one heck of a Jiggy dad.
And I hope now that he is one, he totally

He's the winner of this runway star...and a
pretty precious padre:

How 'bout dem apples?
He does it his way on the dance floor...
but I'm sure his true confession would be that
he gives his cherub face his way at home:
He might be a wolverine on the big screen...
but I imagine this pretty man is a darling
kangaroo to his kiddies:


jamie said...

Those men, they're all hot.

Dana said...

i am so hot for all of those guys.. i couldn't even pick a fav... i'd let them all have me, LOL.. did i say that? no... not me, heehee

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

haha, you're captions for each picture were too precious.

i adore you <3

Katelin said...

what a great list, granted i don't know that i'd put usher on there. there are never pics of him and his son. but really ben and violet, adoooorable. and hugh jackman, best dad eva.

Auburn Kat said...

A girl can dream!!!

Sara Jane said...

Ben and Violet are my fav.

PS- I miss FREE tables at work.

Kate said...

Ahh hot dads! What is it about seeing them with their kids? (What about Mark Wahlberg??)

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